Environmental Remediation

The research of contaminated soil remediation technology started in the late 1970s. Over the past 30 years, western developed countries have developed soil remediation plans, and accumulated rich experience in in-situ remediation technology and engineering application, so that soil remediation technology has seen a rapid development. However, the research of contaminated soil remediation technology started late inChina, and was really addressed during the "Tenth-Five Year Plan". Compared with western developed countries, there is a big gap in the R&D level and application experience of the technology inChina.

Through years of cooperative research with many domestic academic institutions as well as introduction and assimilation of technology, Evian has formed a contaminated soil remediation technology system covering bioremediation, physical remediation, chemical remediation and combined remediation technology, accumulated experience in the application of comprehensive engineering remediation technology for contaminated soil of different types, and formed its own unique solutions and design schemes with regard to in-situ bioremediation technology and monitoring-based natural remediation technology for contaminated soil.