Engineering Design and Services

The Evian team is made up of a number of senior engineers and experts in the industry, and the expert granted national allowance by State Council serves as the director. The team has established a long-term and stable strategic alliance of universities, industries and research institutions with Tongji University, Wuxi Municipal Design Institute, Ningbo Chemical Institute, Fifth Research and Design Institute of Nuclear Industry and other research institutes, and has Class A design qualification, Level 1 project contracting qualification and Class A operation qualification. Thus, the team can provide customers with a complete solution for works associated with water pollution control.

Assist in the preparation of project plans and the implementation of feasibility study.

Carry out analysis on technology applications.

Test the feasibility of design and engineering solutions.

Submit the basic design for customers.

Work out technical specifications for equipment and materials to be purchased.

Work out detailed design and overall management plan.

Provide engineering pricing services and financing proposals or plans.

Evian’s value-added services

Be able to understand customer needs, optimize design solutions and reduce project costs.

Evaluate the sustainable development of third-party technical projects.

Provide customized services for the facilities of individual customers with appropriate proprietary technology and knowledge.