Flowline is a world-renowned industrial instrument supplier and is a design, manufacture and sale expert of liquid level measurement and control solution related to chemical solvents, water and wastewater application fields. Flowline helps industrial product manufacturers and municipal authorities to safely and effectively manage stored liquid materials or products. Flowlines premium solution can ensure automation and environmental protection of tank process, and safety in the work place.


    ALLIBERT MENUTENTION (China) has the worlds leading plastic processing technology and production equipment, ensuring processing quality and accuracy of large plastic equipment. At the same time, ALLIBERT’s equipment level, design capabilities and technology conversion capabilities provide a reliable guarantee for complete equipment integration project in the steel, chemical and environmental protection fields.

  • Milton roy

    Milton roy was founded in 1936 as the inventor of the worlds first metering pump and one of the worlds largest manufacturers of metering pumps. Since the establishment of Milton brand in 1936, Milton roy has established the most comprehensive metering pump product line, and therefore created performance, accuracy and durability standard for products in the industry.

  • Ingersoll Rand

    As a brand originated in 1871, Ingersoll Rand and its brand series represent past success in the construction and mining, industrial and commercial markets. ARO dealt with business in 1930, began pump sale in 1950s and was purchased by INGERSOLL-RAND in 1990. Main advantage of INGERSOLL-RAND’s ARO pneumatic diaphragm pumps lies in key components, i.e. pneumatic motor with a number of patented technologies such as no dead spots, no stall motor, and D-valve structure. These patents ensure absolute leading position of ARO Pneumatic diaphragm pumps in terms of the motor technology.