Company Events

We are pleased to build a platform that inspires the staff's creativity. In Evian, busyness and passion are like twins; employees are enriched and work happily. There is no lack of spark of innovation and enthusiasm. Our corporate culture keeps all the employees together and allows them to grow together with Evian.

Through regular cultural arts festivals, Evian provides the employees with a platform showing their talents and elegant demeanour, enriching their cultural life after work, relieving their working rhythm and improving their working enthusiasm. Each year, theme activities in vision week publicize corporate culture, value and idea to the staff. Besides, regular rally strengthens staff cohesion and centripetal force, cultivates the sense of belonging and sense of group honor of the employees.

Arts festival
Everyone’s talent show

Up to now, Evian has held four arts festivals at an interval of two years. Sponsored by Evian, and co-sponsored by Youth League Committee and all subsidiaries, various types of theme activities were organized based on the idea “Record Evian, Taste Evian, Thank Evian, Praise Evian, Grasp Evian, Cultural Evian, Green Evian, Rhythmical Evian, Excellent Evian”, and these activities have attracted many employees to be involved actively and show their talents and elegant demeanour through diversified forms and rich contents.

Advocator of home culture

Through arts festival, Evian extends and promotes its home culture in the joint development area of the company and employees. In addition to enriching the staff’s life after work and fully showing their artistic geniuses, Evian enhances their comprehensive quality in diversified ways, roots corporate home culture idea and helps contribute to cultivating Evian persons with learning ability, innovation ability and cohesive force.

Vision Week
Vision week activities involving everyone

Activities are organized in May and last one week. During the vision week, Evian will organize various activities based on one theme and attract all the employees to be involved to display development goals and value orientation, inspire the staff’s spirits, and guide them to internalize corporate culture concepts in their professional behaviors.

For example, during the vision week in 2014, theme activities are organized around the theme “Create a Beautiful Evian Life”;

During the vision week in 2013, theme activities are organized around the theme “Creation and Change”;

During the vision week in 2012, theme activities are organized around the theme “Quality and Pursuit of Excellence”;

During vision week in 2011, theme activities are organized around the theme “Pioneer Advance Innovate”;

Motive power of efficient work of employees

Through the vision week activities, employees can deeply understand corporate vision, value and core competence, and are encouraged to actively participate in various activities for reading, internalizing and presenting the corporate vision and value. These corporate visions and culture rooted in everyone’s heart are motive power driving employees to work faithfully and efficiently and make Evian stronger.

Team activity

Energetic team rally

From 2010, team rally is held in July to incent employees to promote continuous improvement, share knowledge and experiences; and employees will get a chance to participate in such a grand meeting acrossChina, which is consistently favored by them due to diversified and unlimited performing forms.

New chance of learning each other for employees

At the team rally, employees will act out the play by themselves and show excellent continuous improvement projects in their actual work. Furthermore, they are encouraged to actively promote continuous improvement, jointly share and use management tools to improve knowledge and experiences in quality, cost, schedule and function within Evian. Based on this platform, employees can share successful cases, learn each other, find new chances, consider how to continuously improve themselves and put theory into practice rapidly, thus finally promoting self growth and corporate development.