Corporate Culture

Prospect and sustainability - Become the global best environmental governance service provider

A word “second” will never be found in the dictionary of Evian. The spirit of Evian is to pursue perfection and strive to be the first. As an environmental governance service provider, Evian works towards the world’s excellent provider in face of increasingly severe environmental pollution.

Corporate value — excellence is sourced from all-round satisfaction

Evian keeps moving toward excellence through seamless operation of various links in the entire value chain covering suppliers, internal and external customers. Such ideas as win-win cooperation, harmonious coexistence and full satisfaction of customers, suppliers, employees, investors and the society provide a continuous power and guarantee for realization of the corporate vision.

Corporate spirit — loyalty and excellence

The pursuit of excellence creates an atmosphere of making perfection, builds an image of consistence, and presents a perfect social image emphasizing product and service, improved economic operation and personnel quality, unified form and content.